The Sole of Red Wings Giant Work Boot: Size 638D

The Red Wing Shoe Company was built on America's great promise at the end of the 19th century that if one worked hard enough, one could achieve anything. The founder, Charles Beckman, was a big believer in this promise and when he couldn't find work boots that were both comfortable and durable, he decided to make his own.

In 1905, working ten hours per day, his Red Wing Show Company was turning out 110 pairs per day. Word of the quality and comfort built into every pair of Red Wing boots spread quickly and the company prospered and prospers to this day.

To honor Red Wing Shoe Companies’ 100 year anniversary, over 60 volunteers worked 13 months to design, engineer and build a 16 foot tall (4.9 m) replica of their ‘877 Classic’ work boot. Size: 638 ½ (US), 638 (UK), 850 (EUR) Length: 20 feet (6.096m), Width: 7 feet (2.133m), Height: 16 feet (4.876m), Weight: 2,300 lbs (1043.28k).

In considering how to construct the piece, artisans searched for materials that were easy to use, lightweight, durable and low cost. After experimenting with several, they chose Flex-Foam iT!® X expandable flexible urethane foam to cast the flexible sole of the giant boot.

The Flex-Foam iT!®X sole measures 20 ft long x 7 ft wide x 20 inches thick (6.096m x 2.133m x 50.8cm) at the heel.

Fun fact; the giant boot took 4,000 hours to design, engineer and fabricate.

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