Tripping The Light Foam‑Tastic

Tripping The Light Foam-Tastic

Long regarded as the premier supplier of props to Broadway shows in New York City, Prism Production Services (Rahway, New Jersey) is developing a reputation beyond Broadway as a can-do fabricator that can deliver an array of creative mold making and casting services for feature films, displays and themed environments.

Example: Prism artisans have perfected a technique for making incredibly detailed food items for such Broadway productions as "Oklahoma," "Into The Woods" and "Flower Drum Song" using FlexFoam-iT!® V flexible foam.

Cast in Mold Max® 30 silicone rubber, Prism's foam-casting methods generate pieces that are so true-to-life that you absolutely cannot tell the difference between finished castings and their real-food counterparts.

Expanding the Line – Fantastic! Prism's material talents only begin with foams. They are masters at creating magic with Smooth-On silicones, urethane rubbers and plastics.