Ultra Miniature Aircraft Accessories By Modern Hobbies LLC

Modern Hobbies LLC® is THE place for "Small Scale" jet modelers looking for rare, hard to find items to outfit their modern military aircraft. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Greg Williams produces accessories for ultra-miniature aircraft models.

Greg is a scale modeler who was tired of the limited selection of resin accessories in 1/72nd scale, especially with modern-era subjects. Gary is a proud member of the IPMS/USA Indianapolis Roscoe Turner Chapter, and has won many "Best of Class", First, Second & Third place awards in the "1/72 Jet" category: including the IPMS/USA Region 4, 2003 Convention. He has had models featured in FineScale Modeler Magazine® and several articles published on ARC (The Aircraft Resource Center®) featuring his latest creations.

Gary's goal is to provide fellow 1/72nd scale modern-era aircraft modelers with good, quality resin accessories that they actually want, AND that no other manufacturers will do in 1/72nd scale. Modern Hobbies utilizes the latest in resin casting supplies and methods including; vacuum and pressure. Gary uses slow setting, ultra-thin viscosity Smooth Cast resin that yields bubble-free parts. His accessories are tough too, and not brittle like other after-market examples.
Visit Modern Hobbies LLC's Website at https://www.modern-hobbies.com/