How To Make a Museum Quality Themed Prop Base for a Rhino Display


Free Form™ Habitat™ Fire Safe epoxy putty is sculpted and stamped to create a realistic African grassland base for a Rhino Reproduction.

Free Form™ Habitat™ Fire Safe epoxy putty is a high density epoxy sculpting putty that is flame rated (E84, Class A). Habitat™ Fire Safe is solvent-free and contains no VOC’s. Working time is 90 minutes and cure time is 16 hours at room temperature (73° F/23° C). Epoxy cures to a very hard, flame and heat resistant material that is easily painted. Habitat™ Fire Safe does not contain any carcinogens (cancer causing agents).

Free Form™ Habitat™ Fire Safe is suitable for interior and exterior theming applications and general sculpting. It is also certified ‘aquarium safe’ and is used by aquariums and zoos to make hyper-realistic trees, vines, rocks, coral and other display elements.

Use with Habitat™ Folding Powder – fold powder into epoxy putty to thicken and reduce sag when applied to a vertical surface. Folding Powder also reduces stickiness and makes the epoxy more handle-able. Once putty is applied, it can be stamped with a silicone rubber stamp to create repeating patterns with intricate detail over a large surface area. Surface can be smoothed with alcohol or water. New Habitat™ Fire Safe will bond to cured Habitat™ Fire Safe without delamination.

Habitat™ Fire Safe will not melt foam, and can be used as an EPS foam coating. Free Form™ Habitat™ Fire Safe is also an excellent repair cement and bonds permanently to itself, PVC, Plexiglas™ (acrylic), wood, many metals, plastics and foams.

Materials Used in this Tutorial

  • EPS Foam Blocks and Sheets
  • Foam Carving Tools
  • Free Form™ Habitat™ Fire Safe
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Artificial Plants