How To Create a Resin Casting in an Alja‑Safe™ Mold


In this lifecasting tutorial video, we demonstrate how to use alginate to make a mold of a hand.

Step One: Measure and Mix
Mix Ratio: 1 part Alja-Safe™ to 1 part water by volume. Add first cup of Alja-Safe™ and begin mixing. Add second and third cups of Alja-Safe™. Mix to a creamy consistency, no lumps.

Step Two: Pose Hand and Immerse Slowing into the Alja-Safe™.
Wet the model's hand before placing it into the Alja-Safe™. Keep hand 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) above the bottom of the container. Let Alja-Safe™ set for 8-10 minutes, until solid.

Step Three: Demold
Slowly and carefully remove hand. Removing the model too fast may result in a tear in the mold. Ready to cast.

Step Four: Casting into the Alja-Safe™ Mold with Smooth-Cast™ 300Q Ultra-Fast Urethane Resin
Apply Universal™ Release Agent. Dispense Part A. Dispense Part B. Combine both parts in mixing container. Mix thoroughly. Rotate mold to minimize air entrapment. Plastic will cure in less than one minute.

Step Five: Demold the Resin Casting
Perfectly detailed reproduction. Apply primer. Apply paint.

How long did it take to make the mold?
Start to Finish: 25 Minutes

How long did it take to make the casting?
Start to Finish: 15 Minutes

How much Alja-Safe was used?
Less than 1 lb (0.45 kg)

Use Your Imagination:
* Cold Cast Metal Effects
* Create Different Color Effects
* Clear Resin Effects (additional mold making & casting required)