How To Make a DIY Face Shield Using Mold Star™ 16 Silicone and Smooth‑Cast™ 65D Liquid Plastic


Multiple PPE face shield components can be cast much more quickly than most 3D printers can print them. In this DIY tutorial video, Milo shows how you can quickly mold and cast parts to create a face shield.

The original model file can be found here:

A mold is made of a 3D printed face shield bracket using Mold Star 16 fast setting silicone. After demolding, Smooth-Cast 65D liquid plastic resin is poured into the mold. Smooth-Cast 65D is impact resistant.

A thin layer of Sil-Poxy™ silicone adhesive is applied to the 65D resin casting where it will contact the skin for cushioning. Holes are punched in a sheet of plastic which is mounted to the shield bracket, along with a rubber band to hold the shield in place.