Advantages of EZ~Spray™ Silicone 20 ‑ PART 2


Silicone vacuum bags offer several advantages. Reusable bags reduce labor costs up to 90%, can be used to quickly produce many parts, and are easy to mix and apply.

Making Re-usable Vacuum Bags Offers Several Advantages:
• Reusable Bags Reduces Labor Costs Up To 90%
• Reusable Bags Can Be Used To Quickly Produce Many Parts
• Easy to Mix and Apply
• EZ-Spray™ Silicone 20 Bags Resist Attack from Chemically Harsh Resins
• Better Heat Resistance up to 500°F / 260°C 
• Non-hazardous; No Odor
• Using EZ-Spray™ Silicone 20 Bags Are Eco-Friendly; Reusable Bags Eliminates Bag Film Waste