How To Lifecast a Female Torso Using Body Double Silicone Rubber


Using Body Double®, it is possible to mold an entire female torso and capture every detail in a cold cast bronze casting.

Step 1: Preparing the Stage and Model (0:13)
Decide model pose in advance. Body Double Release Cream is applied thoroughly to all areas that will contact the rubber. Release Cream is applied thoroughly to the skin and especially the hair. Body Double Release Cream can be removed later with make-up remover. Model is repositioned into a final pose.

Step 2: Measure and Mix Body Double (0:47)
Dispense equal amounts of Part A & B. Dispense Part A & B into mixing container. Two capfuls of Silicone Thinner is added to the first batch only. This lowers the viscosity of the rubber for easier application. Mix rubber to a uniform color; eliminate all color streaks.

Step 3: Apply to Model (1:18)
1st Coat - Very Thin. Helps minimize bubble entrapment. Apply second layer. Additional batches are mixed without Silicone Thinner.

Step 4: Build Up Mold Thickness (2:02)
Build up mold thickness and fill in any undercuts by adding Thi-Vex thickener to Body Double silicone rubber. Dispense Part A & B into mixing container. Add 1/2 capful Thi-Vex to thicken Body Double rubber. Mix thoroughly. Fill in undercuts. Finished mold wall thickness is 3/8 inch (1 cm). Body Double rubber is allowed to cure for about 5 minutes.

Mold Maker's Tip: Create a Registration Key Using Body Double and Thi-Vex Thickener

Add 1/2 capful Thi-Vex to thicken Body Double rubber. 9-inch pastry bags are available at most supermarkets. Dispense into a pastry bag. Purpose: to help the rubber mold and mother mold register together.

Step 5: Making the Support Shell with Plaster Bandages (3:23)
Warning: Make sure your model can breathe.

Mold Maker's Tip: Embed Wooden Dowels on top of Support Shell for Better Handling

Measure and cut smaller dowels for horizontal bracing. Let support shell dry for about 15 minutes before demolding.

Step 6: Demold (4:10)
Support shell and rubber mold are carefully removed. Slowly peel rubber away from the skin surface. Perfect detail reproduction and unlike alginate, this mold will last for many castings. You'll be amazed at the ultra-fine skin detail captured by Body Double.

Materials Used in this Tutorial

  • Body Double Silicone
  • Body Double Release Cream
  • Gypsona Plaster Bandages
  • Smooth-Cast 325
  • Bronze Powder
  • So-Strong Tint
  • Mixing Cups
  • Mixing Sticks
  • Water Basin