How To Make a Lifecasting Using HYPER‑FOLIC™ Release Additive


HYPER-FOLIC™ Release Additive is a non-toxic, skin conditioning liquid that is mixed with Body Double™ silicone mold rubber prior to applying rubber to the skin. HYPER-FOLIC™ will not only aid in releasing cured rubber from the skin but will also release cured rubber from hair-covered skin surfaces (closely cropped beards, moustaches, eye-brows, pubic hair, etc.)


  • Body Double™ with HYPER-FOLIC™ will still bond to itself.
  • Little or no release cream residue in the cured rubber means your mold is immediately ready for casting.
  • Used as directed, HYPER-FOLIC™ has minimal affect on the tear strength of Body Double™, allowing for an extremely strong mold.
  • HYPER-FOLIC™ does not affect the skin safety rating of Body Double™.

How Does HYPER-FOLIC™ additive affect Body Double mold rubber?

  • It will lengthen the pot life and cure time of Body Double™ silicone.
  • It will slightly reduce the tear strength of cured Body Double™ silicone.
  • Cured Body Double™ rubber may shrink slightly over time vs. Body Double™ without the additive.

In this sequence, we will mix HYPER-FOLIC™ with Body Double™ rubber components (100A + 100B + 40 Parts HYPER-FOLIC™) and apply. The result of this technique is that the Body Double™ mold rubber will completely penetrate facial or body hair and capture detail from underlying skin. Hair detail will mostly not be reflected in the finished mold or reproduced during casting. This technique is often used for prosthetic make-up applications.

Another option is to apply Body Double™ Release Cream to the skin and facial or body hair. Mix HYPER-FOLIC™ at a reduced amount with Body Double™ rubber components (100A + 100B + 20 Parts HYPER-FOLIC™) and apply. The result of this technique is that the Body Double™ mold rubber will partially penetrate hair and hair detail will be reflected in the finished mold or reproduced during casting.

Doing a Full-Head Lifecasting? We recommend that the subject wear a non-latex bald cap.

Materials Used in this Tutorial

  • Bandages
  • Body Double
  • Thi-Vex
  • Shell-Shock
  • Mixing Containers
  • Mixing Sticks
  • Paint Brush
  • Gram Scale
  • Scissors

Step 1: Dispensing and Mixing Body Double Silicone

To begin, weigh out equal amounts of Body Double Part A and Body Double Part B (100 grams). Add 20 parts HYPERFOLIC to Part B (40 grams=20 parts of the whole 200 gram batch of Body Double). Mix the HYPER-FOLIC into the Part B. Then combine Part A of the Body Double with Part B. Mix the material thoroughly but quickly.

Step 2: Applying Body Double

Apply the material, making sure to rub the silicone into the beard and eyebrows. Apply a second coat of Body Double with HYPERFOLIC. Apply the final coat of Body Double without using HYPERFOLIC to help add mold strength.

Step 3: Creating a Plaster Bandage Support Shell

Use bandages to create a rigid support shell. The bandages cure in approximately 10 minutes.

Step 4: Demold

Remove the bandage support shell and slowly remove the cured Body Double from the face. Take care when removing the Body Double with HYPERFOLIC from the beard area. The mold will have captured skin detail from underneath the eyebrows and beard.

Step 5: Finish Mold by Filling Holes

Prepare a small batch of Body Double with Thi-Vex thickener and mix it into a paste-like consistency. Use this material to fill the nostrils and any surface defects. Then, cut the edge of the silicone with scissors. Place the rubber mold in the bandage support shell.

Step 6: Casting with Shell Shock

For casting, prepare a small batch of Shell-Shock brushable plastic by first weighing out the Part A and then weighing out the Part B. The mix ratio of Shell Shock is 1A:5B by wieght. Quickly and thoroughly mix the Shell Shock together and brush it into the mold. Allow to set for 15 minutes and then apply a second layer of Shell Shock to add strength.

Step 7: Demolding and Finishing

After one hour, remove the bandage support shell and peel the Body Double rubber away from the casting. The casting is a perfect representation of the model's face. No release cream was used and the model's face is clean.