Lifecasting Tutorial: Partially Clothed Female Torso Mold and Bronze Cold Casting


In this video tutorial, we show how to make a mold of a female torso using Body Double Lifecasting Silicone. This example shows a model who is partially clothed. In order to allow the Body Double to release from the shorts which are worn by the topless model, we use Vaseline to seal the pores of the denim fabric. The Vaseline allows the silicone to release from the shorts easily. Body Double Silicone is combined with Hyperfolic release additive to make a self-releasing silicone which captures extreme detail, down to the model's tattoos! A plaster bandage support shell is made, and then duoMatrix NEO polymer gypsum is cast into the final mold. The NEO is combined with bronze powder to create a casting with a real metal finish.

Materials Used in this Tutorial

  • Body Double Silicone
  • Hyperfolic
  • Mixing Cups and Sticks
  • Gypsona Bandages
  • duoMatrix NEO
  • So-Strong Colorant
  • Bronze Powder