Making Easy and Fun Food Molds with Silicone Putty


Equinox® silicone putties are food safe and can be used to make molds for making custom shaped hard candy, chocolate, gummi bears, gelatin, marzipan, cheese, nougat, poured sugar, gum paste, shaped rice, bento box shaped food, royal icing, pastillage, ice cream, pate, edible cake decorations, dessert motifs, ice, fondant, butter and more!

The putties are easy to use, fast curing, heat resistant and your cured molds will last for years, yielding 1000’s of castings.

If you have ever dreamed of making your own chocolate at home then check out the How-To Sequence below to see how quick & easy it is using Equinox® 38 silicone putty. Refer to the technical bulletins for these materials for proper processing instructions before using. Click Here for the Technical Bulletin for Processing Instructions for Food Safe Silicone Rubber.

Smooth-On's Food Safe Silicones:

  • Equinox® Series Silicone Putties
  • Smooth-Sil® 940 Silicone Rubber
  • SORTA-Clear® 40 SIlicone Rubber


Materials Used in this Tutorial

  • Equinox Silicone Putty
  • Glue Gun
  • Deli Cup
  • Scissors
  • Melted Chocolate