How To Make Your Own Suturable Vessels


Dowel is secured. Powermesh fabric is measured and marked at 7" x 1-1/2" (17cm x 4cm). Powermesh fabric is cut along marker line. Dragon Skin 10 Very Fast is a two-part room temperature cure silicone rubber. Parts A and B of material are thoroughly pre-mixed before dispensing. Parts A and B are measured out into a 1oz cup. Part B is pigmented with a small amount of Silc Pig Blue. Part B is dispensed into a mixing cup. Part A is combined with Part B. Parts A and B are thoroughly mixed together by scraping the sides and bottom of container.

Application (1:47)
Using a low RPM setting, a popsicle stick is used to coat the dowel with a small amount of material. Powermesh is wrapped around dowel. Dowel is turned in same direction the fabric was wrapped for 15 seconds allowing silicone to saturate the fabric. Using the same batch of material, more Dragon Skin is applied to the dowel. Goal Moving Forward: Build up rubber thickness over Powermesh fabric. 3 drops of Thi-Vex are added to the existing batch of Dragon Skin to thicken the material. Mix thoroughly. Dragon Skin will be notably thicker. Dragon Skin with Thi-Vex is applied to build up thickness. NOVOCS solvent will be used to smooth the rubber's surface. A very small amount is applied over rubber surface, with residual being captured in the palm of your hand. Using light pressure, palm is used to smooth out the silicone while dowel is spinning. Material is allowed to cure for 30 minutes at room temperature (73°F / 23°C).

Finishing Touches (3:26)
Using light pressure, the vessel is gently contracted and expanded until removed. The finished vessel is strong and stretchy. Scissors are used to trim each end of the vessel. Vessel is incised for anastomosis training. Powermesh prevents sutures from tearing through rubber, allowing vessels to be reused.

Optional: How to Seal Vessels for Fluid Flow (4:05)
Sil-Poxy adhesive will be used to seal the vessel to allow fluid to pass through. A small amount of Sil-Poxy is dispensed on a cotton swab. Sil-Poxy is applied to sutured area. Vessel is set aside for 12 minutes to allow Sil-Poxy to fully cure. Water pump is used to test the vessel for leakage. Rubber vessel is attached to the water pump. Rubber vessel has no leaks and is ready to be used as a complex vascular path.