How To Make Metal Cold Cast Decorative Panels


In this video, we demonstrate creating metal cold cast panels using Smooth Cast ONYX liquid plastic and bronze powder.

This technique is called cold casting, as it gives you the appearance of a metal cast piece but there was no melting involved, hence cold casting. In this how to cold cast video we show you the 4 main steps involved in cold casting which are:

Preparing the gel coat with resin and metal powder
Casting the resin gel coat into the mould
Pouring a backing layer of resin
Polishing with steel wool

At the end of the process you have a cold cast piece that looks like real metal... because it has real metal in it!

Materials Used in this Tutorial

  • Smooth Cast ONYX Resin
  • Bronze Powder
  • Mixing Cups and Sticks
  • Mold Star 30 Silicone Mold