Mixing Up a Quick Drink With Encapso® K


Mosier Novelties, Inc. (Olean, NY) creates themed environments and elements for casinos, restaurants, bars and more. Their latest project called for creating an oversized attention-grabbing drink props for a new Manhattan night club. The challenge was to find the right materials to fill the order. Francois Mosier contacted Smooth-On at about the same time Encapso® K was launched.

This step-by-step tutorial presents Mr. Mosier’s process of making a glowing "Pink Lady", complete with realistic crushed rubber ice and chunks of rubber faux fruit.

Materials Used in this Tutorial

  • Encapso K
  • Ignite Colorants
  • Mixing Containers
  • Mixing Sticks

Step 1: Preparing and Making Faux Ice and Fruit Slices

Gather all the materials needed, including personal protection, such as vinyl gloves to minimize skin contact.

To make fake ice chunks, measure and mix equal amounts of Encapso® K parts A and B. Then pour the clear mixture into two plastic cups and let cure.

To create pineapple fruit accents mix pigmented Encapso® K with ignite yellow fluoresent pigment and let cure. Then to create orange fruit accents mix pigmented Encaps® K with ignite orange pigment and let cure.

After the clear rubber has fully cured, crumble into chunks to simulate crushed ice. And then, after the pigmented rubber has cured, crumble into chunks to simulate pieces of fruit.

Step 2: Creating the Faux Pink Drink

Mix a new batch of Encapso® K for the main component of the drink prop. Then mix in a few drops of Ignite® flourescent pink pigment until a uniform color is attained. Fill the glass part way with pink Encapso® K. Encapsulating some of the faux fruit chunks will give the piece added depth and realism.

Pour more tinted Encapso® K to further fill the glass. Layer in more rubber fruit chunks and add rubber ice chunks to complete the piece. Once fully cured, the different elements will bond to each other.

Step 3: Finished Display Piece

Because the finished ‘Pink Lady’ drink was colored with Ignite® pigments, it glows in the presence of black lights in the Manhattan night club, making for a very impactful display prop.