Painting a Flexible Foam Casting Using Fluorescent Maker Pro Paints™


In this video we show applications requiring “neon” appearance in white light and/or “glow” effects in the presence of UV Blacklight using Maker Pro Paint™ Fluorescent Colors that are ideal for applications & environments including: dark rides, Halloween & haunted attractions, laser-tag game rooms, concert & nightclub venues, movie studios/film sets, theatrical productions, themed environments, etc. Maker Pro Paints™ are industrial grade scenic design paints developed for rigorous themed environment applications and signage at amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, and more where outdoor durability is critical.

  • Bonds Tenaciously To Smooth-On™ Rigid And Flexible Urethane Rubber, Plastic And Foam, Epoxy, Fiberglass
  • Also Bonds To Aluminum, Wood, And More
  • Colors Mix Cleanly And Easily For Color Matching
  • Consistent Coverage With Less Paint Build Up
  • Can Be Applied By Brush, Roller, Or Sprayed
  • Easy Clean Up With Water