How To Repair a Flat Tire Using FlexFoam‑iT! 25


In this DIY video, Milo shows how he repairs a tire for his lawn tractor trailer using expanding foam and urethane adhesive. Milo cuts an access hole in the tire, then mixes and pours the FlexFoam-it! 25 expanding foam.

FlexFoam-iT!™ Series foams are premium quality water blown flexible foams that can be used for a variety of industrial, special effects and art & crafts and projects. With several to choose from, uses include making theatrical props (swords, knives, hammers, etc.), industrial gaskets, custom padding and cushioning, and more. SO-Strong™, UVO™ or IGNITE™ colorants can be added for color effects.

After the foam fully cures, Milo repairs the access hole using Black Panther™ 85 urethane adhesive.  Black Panther™ 85 is a two-component, fast curing liquid adhesive for repairing holes, tears and splits in steel / fabric corded rubber conveyor belts, providing high wear and abrasion resistance. It also provides a strong, flexible bond between a variety of substrates including plaster, wood, cement, stone, glass, hard plastics and a variety of metals. Working time is 3.5 minutes and cure time is 2.5 hours at room temperature (73°F / 23°C).

Once the Black Panther™ 85 is fully cured, the tire can be put back into operation.

Materials Used in this Tutorial

  • Deflated Trailer Tire
  • Scalpel
  • Mixing Sticks and Containers
  • Vinyl Gloves
  • FlexFoam-iT!™ 25
  • Black Panther™ 85