Resin Infusion Demo: How To Make Wind Blades


Reusable silicone vacuum bags greatly improve the resin infusion process, reducing labor and material costs while improving efficiency.

"Carmira has used LRTM semi-rigid tooling for years to produce its wind blades. On trialing the new silicone bag technologies, we have seen significant savings in tooling costs with no impact on production volume." - Dr. Peter Schubel, Director of CAMIRA Energy, United Kingdom

Making Re-usable Vacuum Bags Offers Several Advantages:
* Reusable Bags Reduces Labor Costs Up To 90%
* Reusable Bags Can Be Used To Quickly Produce Many Parts
* Cured Silicone Rubber Resists Attack from Chemically Harsh Resins
* Heat Resistance up to 500°F / 260°C
* Non-hazardous; No Odor
* Reusable Bag Eliminates Traditional Bag Film Waste