How To Use EZ~Spray™ Jr. To Make Vacuum Bags ‑ PART 1


Presenting EZ-Spray™ Silicone 20; strong, stretchy, lasting and a revolution for making composite vacuum bags. EZ~Spray™ Silicone 20 Spray Rubber is made especially for dispensing through the EZ~Spray™ Jr. Spray Gun. EZ~Spray™ Silicone 20 is good for making custom spray vacuum bags and offers several advantages over vacuum bags made using conventional methods. EZ~Spray Silicone 20 bags conform perfectly to your tool, meaning perfect parts every time. Silicone vacuum bags are also virtually indestructible and stand up to high temperatures. Perfect for pre-preg, wet-preg and infusion processing. One of the biggest advantages, due to the fact that silicone bags are re-usable, is the time and labor savings realized if there are more than 6 parts to be made - up to 80% savings vs. conventional vacuum bags.