Epoxy Putties

Epoxy Putties are used for a variety of fabrication or sculpting applications and are available as rigid or semi-rigid. With several to choose from, these are easy to use “mix-and-apply by hand” systems. High-density epoxy putties can be textured and stamped to make artificial tree bark, vines, aquarium-safe coral pieces or flame-rated themed elements. Low-density putty is used for reinforcement, making lightweight elements and filleting for composite applications. Epoxy sculpting putty allows the user to sculpt fine detail with precision to create lasting works of art.

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Free Form™ Habitat™ Series

Mix-by-Hand Epoxy Sculpting Putties

Free Form™ AIR Series

Lightweight Epoxy Putty

 Free Form™ AIR Lightweight Epoxy Putty + Compare
 Free Form™ AIR HT High Temperature Epoxy Dough + Compare
 Free Form™ AIR Fire Safe Flame Rated Epoxy Dough + Compare
 Free Form™ AIR FAST Fast Cure Epoxy Dough + Compare

Free Form™ SCULPT

High Density Epoxy Dough-Crystalline Silica Free

 Free Form™ SCULPT High Density Epoxy Dough-Crystalline Silica Free + Compare
 Free Form™ Detailer Sculpting Enhancement Fluid for Free Form® SCULPT + Compare