Silicone Expanding Foams - Platinum Cure

Soft two-component platinum silicone casting foams that are versatile and easy to use. They can be used for a variety of industrial and special effects applications including making foam filled appliances, padding/seat cushioning, orthotics/orthopedics, potting and encapsulation of electrical circuits and vibration dampening.

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Soma Foama™

Flexible Silicone Castable Foam

Foam Density Expansion (approximate)
 Soma Foama™ 15 15 lb/ft³ 4 times + Compare
 Soma Foama™ 25 25 lb/ft³ 2-3 times + Compare

Expanding Foam Accessories

 Silc Pig™ Colorants for Silicone + Compare
 Silc Pig™ Electric Fluorescent Pigments for Silicone Rubber and Foam + Compare
 Cast Magic™ Create Amazing Casting Effects + Compare
 Ease Release™ 200 General Purpose Spray Release Agent + Compare
 Ease Release™ 205 General Purpose Liquid Release Agent + Compare