Body Double™ Silicone Visual Coverage Chart

Body Double™ Silicone Visual Coverage Chart

Smooth-On offers this visual guide only as a reference tool for calculating the amount of Body Double™ Silicone Rubber needed to make various body part molds. This is an estimation only, based on our experience for the average male body. Actual amounts of rubber needed will vary from individual to individual, according to body size and gender. End user assumes full responsibility for own calculations of material needed. For more information on life casting, visit our Lifecasting Tutorials page.

FAQ: What if my model isn't average size, or if I'm covering a body part not on this chart?

Coverage can be calculated like a traditional brush mold, by estimating the surface area to be covered and then using our Brush On Mold Calculator. You can learn how to do this calculation by hand in this FAQ article.

Releasing Body Double™ Silicone

Body Double™ will not stick to skin but it will “mechanically lock” onto skin hair including facial hair, eyebrows, eyelashes etc. Body Double™ Release Cream or HYPER‑FOLIC™ release additive will minimize mechanical lock. Also, you can shave the intended molding area instead of using releasing agents prior to applying Body Double™.

Body Double™ Release Cream is a non-toxic skin conditioner that will aid in releasing Body Double™ mold rubber from skin surfaces with or without hair. Liberally apply Body Double™ Release Cream to all skin surfaces (bare and hair covered) that will contact mold rubber. Take special care to aggressively massage and work the cream into and over body hair. Body hair not thoroughly coated with release cream will become encapsulated and stuck in rubber which will be difficult & painful to remove.

HYPER-FOLIC™ Release Additive is a non-toxic, skin conditioning liquid that is mixed with Body Double™ silicone mold rubber prior to applying rubber to the skin. HYPER‑FOLIC™ will not only aid in releasing cured rubber from the skin but will also release cured rubber from hair-covered skin surfaces (closely cropped beards, moustaches, eye-brows,, etc.)

Click here to download a pdf of the Body Double™ visual coverage chart.