Following are testimonials from in-house seminar attendees:

Just a note to tell you how informative, enlightening and most importantly, fun the seminar was. Just by attending I've come up with about a dozen ideas for products. We've already ordered a number of kits from Smooth-On and look forward to using them on our products. Thank you for a wonderful and knowledgeable couple of days.

—Mario Accumanno, Hanover, NJ

This is an incredible class. Well organized and a perfect mix between listening, watching, and doing. It changed the way I look at objects around me and the way I approach new challenges. I'd even consider taking it again - I'm sure I'd pick up details I missed the first time around.

— Anne, via Facebook

My fellow art instructor Richard and I attended your seminar last Wednesday and Thursday. I have to compliment you on the great job you did. The lectures, demonstrations and slide shows were extremely informative. The "hands on" experience was great, under the excellent guidance and patient help of all the people there. Even though there was a lot to learn, it was presented in a way that was clear and methodical. Armed with this basic knowledge and experience, I know that in the future this will be an excellent source for a wide variety of materials and technical advice when making molds and reproductions. In addition, I would like to mention that you made the whole atmosphere pleasant and friendly. This all made for a wonderful learning experience and I must say, is quite possibly life changing. Thank you on behalf of Richard and myself.

—Paul, Basking Ridge, NJ

I don't have the words to describe this experience! From the first hour until the last, new materials and ways to create just kept coming. I'm an artist that just had her eyes opened to what you can do and where you can go. And the Smooth-On people could not have been nicer or more helpful. They make you feel like family.

—Betsy Donovan, Greenwich, CT

I don't often write letters to comment on things, but your seminar literally changed my life. I'm an inventor and as far as I can tell, your seminar saved me at least a year and thousands of $$$ in accelerating development of what I know is going to be a huge success in the medical device field. Your materials are endless and awesome, and I will be a fan for life.

—Steven Gretch, Santa Rosa, CA

I've been making my own molds and castings for years and didn't think I had much to learn. How wrong I was. I learned as much about materials in two days as I did in the last 10 years working on my own. This alone was worth taking the seminar, but the casting techniques simply blew me away.

—David Stern, Denver, CO

My wife and I came to your seminar wanting to know about mold making and casting and left with our heads spinning! Your seminar put 100 ideas in our heads and the only thing we have to decide is what direction we want to go in first.

—John & Valerie Dziura, Cleveland, NY

I've attended your seminar 3 times now and each time I learn something new. I finally convinced my company to send our entire prototyping department. I look forward to my fourth visit to your amazing company.

—Ed Zelinski, Head of Moen Prototype Shop, Westlake, OH

Thank you and your entire staff for the phenomenal seminar! You provided us with two days packed with interesting and valuable information. I know from experience, to do what you did requires a massive dedication of resources and time, and it does interrupt your normal daily schedules and work - for this commitment, I thank you. All of us were impressed by your entire staff.

From an attendee's perspective, your team worked virtually seamlessly, each going the extra mile to help the others- something which says a lot for Smooth-on as well as your team. Everyone's hospitality, warm welcome, and willingness to help anyone and everyone was noticed and appreciated. This certainly makes us feel more comfortable in calling for help and advice. David and I discussed the seminar at length, and we both feel that the amount of information you gave us was a lot for us to easily absorb in 2 days, and it could easily fill 3.

One could garner from this that we certainly felt there were no unnecessary subjects covered, nor time wasted. Again, I thank you, and your entire staff for a eye-opening and simply delightful learning experience.

—George Rogers, South Carolina

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