Skin Safe Materials List

Skin Safe Materials List

The following materials have been certified by an independent lab as skin safe to the OECD TG 439 certification. No animals were used in testing.

Body Double
Body Double SILK
Dragon Skin 10
Dragon Skin 10AF
Dragon Skin 10NV
Dragon Skin 15
Dragon Skin 20
Dragon Skin 30
Dragon Skin FX-PRO
Ecoflex 00-10
Ecoflex 00-20
Ecoflex 00-30
Ecoflex 00-31 Near Clear
Ecoflex 00-33 AF
Ecoflex 00-35 FAST
Ecoflex 00-45 Near Clear
Ecoflex 00-50
Ecoflex 00-53 AF
Ecoflex GEL
Ecoflex GEL 2
Mold Star 19T
Mold Star 20T
Mold Star 31T
Smooth-Sil 945
Soma Foama 15
SORTA-Clear 18

Alja-Safe Acrobat
Alja-Safe Breeze
Accu-Cast BodyGel 880

Body Double Release Cream
Derma-tac Silicone Appliance Adhesive
Derma-tac Remover Dissolves Adhesive
Hyper-Folic Hair Release Additive
Psycho Paint
Q-Ballz Bald Cap Plastic & Encapsulating Gel
Silc Pig Black Pigment For Silicone
Silc Pig Blue Pigment For Silicone
Silc Pig Flesh Tone Light, Medium, & Dark Pigment For Silicone
Silc Pig Red Pigment For Silicone
Silc Pig White Pigment For Silicone
Silc Pig Electric Fluorescent Pigments For Silicone
Sil-Poxy Silicone Adhesive
Skin Tite Appliance Builder & Adhesive
THI-VEX Thixotropic Agent for Thickening Silicone

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