Matrix™ Accelerator

Matrix™ Accelerator *NOTE: Product Packaging May Vary

duoMatrix™ Accelerator (powder) will reduce the demold time of duoMatrix™ NEO and should be pre-mixed with dry components before adding latex. Note: The shorter the desired demold time, the shorter the working time.



Important: Do NOT add Matrix™ Accelerator directly to NEO Part B as it will thicken the material, making it unusable.

Matrix Accelerator Powder mixed with water can be added at different percentages to change the pot life and demold time of NEO. This can be helpful with hand lay-up, rotocasting and slush casting techniques.

Step 1: Add 40 g of Matrix™ Accelerator to 480 g of room temperature water to create a solution Mix until powder is fully dissolved. This can be stored for future use. Accelerator solution must be pre-mixed before using after storage.

Step 2: Mix Part A and B together until powder is fully integrated, about 1 min.

Step 3: Add Accelerator solution while mixing.

Step 4: Continue to drill mix for another 30 seconds. Important: Excessive mixing can shorten the pot life.

Part A Powder Part B Liquid Matrix™ Accelerator (% of Part B by weight) Pot Life Demold Time
200 100 1 Part (1% of Part B by weight) 10 min. 50 min.
200 100 3 Parts (3% of Part B by weight) 9 min. 45 min.
200 100 5 Parts (5% of Part B by weight) 7 min. 35 min.
200 100 10 Parts (10% of Part B by weight) 5 min. 30 min.

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