Matrix™ Thickener

Matrix™ Thickener *NOTE: Product Packaging May Vary

Increase the viscosity of duoMatrix™ NEO by adding a small amount of Matrix™ Thickener to your mix. This will give you better control over the viscosity of your mix and help reduce the number of layers needed when using NEO for hand lay-up, rotocasting or slush casting applications.



Measuring by Weight: Using an accurate gram scale, weigh out 100 Parts B. Matrix™ Thickener is then measured out as a percentage of Part B; reference chart below for consistency. Add Thickener after Part A and B are thoroughly mixed. Continue to mix for about 15 more seconds.

Part A Powder Part B Liquid Thickener (% of Part B by weight) Pot Life Cure Time Consistency
200 100 1 Parts (1.0% of Part B by weight) 35 min. 100 min. Thick
200 100 2 Parts (2% of Part B by weight) 40 min. 105 min. Thicker
200 100 2.5 Parts (2.5% of Part B by weight) 45 min. 110 min. Thickest

Important: Do not excessed 2.5 Parts of Thickener. Overloading the material will thin it back out.

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