Sun Devil™

Sun Devil™ *NOTE: Product Packaging May Vary

Permanent UV stability in liquid urethane products is not possible. Ultimately, the only option is to delay the degrading effects (color change and surface break down) of ultraviolet light on these materials. Sun Devil™ is a one component liquid additive that will slow color change and physical degradation due to UV exposure for many Smooth-On liquid urethane products. Sun Devil™ is added by weight (gram scale required) to the urethane rubber, plastic or foam system. Results will vary and will depend on intensity and duration of exposure to UV light to the cured material over time.


Failure to follow directions may result in the urethane system not curing or not attaining ultimate physical and performance properties. Follow safety precautions listed on the urethane material technical bulletin and MSDS. Store and use all materials at room temperature (73°F/23°C).


Sun Devil™ is added as 1% of the total weight to the urethane system. Use a gram scale for best results. Do not add more than 1% of total system weight.

  1. Calculate the required amounts of Part A and Part B of the urethane rubber, plastic or foam system by weight to be combined.
  2. Calculate 1% of that total to determine the amount of Sun Devil™ to use.
  3. Pre-mix Sun Devil™ thoroughly with Part B and then add Part A. Mix all three components thoroughly according to the urethane material technical bulletin and apply material.

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