Adding A Creative Spark To Fireplace Surrounds

Colleen Boddez’ unique ability to fuse architecture and sculpture turns ordinary fireplace surrounds into extraordinary works of art, making them the centerpiece of any home. Trained at the University of Alberta, Ms. Boddez’ melding of the two disciplines was born out of necessity during the acquisition of her first home with husband, Kevin. States Ms. Boddez, “By transforming the fireplace surround in my own home, I began to see what was possible from a design perspective. My husband and others began to see the commercial potential and the concept has come a long way in the last five years.”

Ms. Boddez casts her exquisitely detailed designs in concrete enhanced with duoMatrix® -C, explaining, “I’ve developed my own formulation of duoMatrix® -C, concrete and other ingredients. The duoMatrix® -C greatly improves the strength of my castings. I can also vary the finishes I get using duoMatrix® -C.” As she evolves, so does her mold making / casting technique. “My first molds were made using silicone caulk thinned with naptha – very hard to work with. I was introduced to Brush-On® 40 mold rubber and other materials at the Smooth-On mold making and casting seminar. Their products continue to improve our efficiency.” Ms. Boddez’ transformation of fireplace surrounds can incorporate almost any theme including figurative, landscape, animal, floral, etc. She works out of her studio in Alberta, Canada.