Customer Spotlight ‑ John Luttmann

Customer Spotlight - John Luttmann

Smooth-On is proud to highlight the works of John Luttmann, the owner, and operator of Artifaqt. John has been creating works of art through mediums such as wood, clay, chisels, and his hands. His company is located in Phoenixville, PA and has over 20 years experience creating featured pieces for leading entertainment companies and everyday use objects.

Artifaqt prides itself on the amazing details that are in their work, but mostly because everything they manufacture is local. John and his son Dane are currently working on several different projects that utilize Smooth-On’s Mold Star® 16, VytaFlex®, Forton® VF-812, Rebound™ 25, Smooth-Cast® OYNX and our Brush-On® series. You can learn more about Artifaqt on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.