Customer Spotlight – Sami Rahman

Customer Spotlight – Sami Rahman

Our newest spotlight story features Sami Rahman, a father who is determined to help his son. Sami’s nine-year-old son, Noah, uses a wheelchair.
Noah never felt completely comfortable in a stock wheelchair seat. Sami decided to accept no substitutes for materials when it came to creating a soft, contouring seat for his son.

Sami at first created a 3D model, in which he then print out using a 3D printer. Once he printed out and assembled the 6 different pieces, he contacted Smooth-On. Smooth-On’s Technician Milo, suggested he look at sealing his print with XTC-3D®, a high-performance 3D print coating. After Sami sealed his print he created a Sorta-Clear silicone mold, which he cast Flex Foam-iT!® 7FR into. Sami finished his custom seat by wrapping it in a memory foam and vinyl.

Sami has offered to help anyone who wants to create similar custom wheelchair seats. You can contact him directly via Twitter or online at