Imaginarium Ventriloquist Dummies Come To Life

Albert Alfaro Jr.'s interest in ventriloquism was sparked very early in life while watching the legendary "Paul Winchell-Jerry Mahoney Show". He was mesmerized by Paul Winchell's pint sized pal, Jerry Mahoney and became enamored with the idea of making something inanimate, appear to be alive. At age 5 Albert began to make his own puppets out of common household items. Albert's passion, lead him to an array of different puppets, from sock puppets to marionettes. By the age of 17, Albert made his first ventriloquist figure out of wood, from then on, he took great interest in learning all aspects of ventriloquist dummy making.

Albert Alfaro Jr.'s Process For Creating Figures.
Now, as a professional ventriloquist figure maker, Albert continues to strive for the highest level of excellence in every aspect of his work. Albert skillfully sculpts each character in clay then molds them with Mold Max® 30 silicone mold rubber. The heads are then cast withFeather Lite® light weight casting resin. Hands and other accessories are cast using Smooth-Cast® 300 casting resin.

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