Labor of Love for the Tall Masts

Ken Gardiner started making models 39 years ago as a hobby based on what he learned from his father. About eight years later, Ken decided it might be worthwhile making a living out of it. Today Ken is seen by many as one of the country's premier model makers, providing yachtsmen with re-creations of their yachts in exacting detail until his retirement in 2009. It is that attention to detail that seems to separate Ken from the rest. He defined success as being satisfied with the final product and knowing that every little fitting, winch, fishing pole, outrigger or shackle was handmade in his Newport Beach, California shop. All models are made of wood and Smooth-Cast® 300 plastic resin. The Smooth-Cast® 300 resin is easy to work and best of all is consistent from batch to batch. Although he passed away in September of 2013, many of Gardiner's works can still be seen at various boat shows and yacht clubs, including the New York Yacht Club.