Lost‑Wax Artists Discover Rebound™ 25 Brush‑On Silicone

Fonderie d’Art d’Inverness Inc is a Quebec corporation which portrays dynamism by using a mix of innovative methods and traditional techniques in order to maintain the highest artistic qualities from a sculpture.

Their craft-casters specialize in molding, duplicating and casting bronze and aluminum works of art. Their clientele (municipalities, corporations, museums and artists) seeks the highest level of expertise and artistry in every job.

When Smooth-On was first contacted by Fonderie d’Art d’Inverness, they were looking for an easy to use brush-on silicone rubber. They also wanted a rubber that would have a very long library life. Rebound™ 25, Smooth-On’s flagship platinum silicone brush-on rubber, was our recommendation. It is mixed 1:1 by volume and cures in 6 hours to a soft, stretchy, strong and durable production mold.

After making the mold and casting wax into it for the lost-wax process, Jean Francoix, Fonderie d’Art d’Inverness owner and sculptor, discovered that Rebound™ 25 did not repel wax like all other silicones he had used in the past. Instead, the unique properties of Rebound® 25 helped the wax wet out across the entire mold surface evenly.

The impact of this benefit was felt immediately. As Mr. Francoix states, “Rebound™ 25 is saving us hours of time. The castings are coming out of the molds in almost perfect shape. We don’t have to spend hours re-touching bubbles in the wax castings anymore.” Artisans at the foundry can more quickly move on to the next step in the lost-wax process. Turnaround times are faster for the mold makers, but more importantly for the clients.

For more information on the foundry, visit them online at: www.fonderieart.com