Making A Lightweight, Realistic Brass Reproduction

Brush-On® 40 and Plasti-Paste® – A Winning Combination to Create Perfect Sculpture Reproduction

Tim Maslyn of Maslyn Studios (Belle Mead, New Jersey) was recently commissioned by Queensboro College (New York City) to reproduce a valuable sculpture created by the late Joseph Brown, Professor Emeritus of Sculpture at Princeton University. The original was a 36" (1 meter) tall head of a boxer entitled, "The Winner," in memory of Brown’s brother, Harry "Kid" Brown and was sculpted in 1952.

The goal was to reproduce the original and make an exact replica that captured every last bit of detail. The finished copy should have a metallic finish (look like real brass) and be lightweight so that it could easily be transported and minimize on material costs. Maslyn was also under a time deadline and had to make the reproduction quickly.

Materials Maslyn chose to make the reproduction included Brush-On® 40 mold rubber, Plasti-Paste® Mother Mold Material and Smooth-Cast® 325 Colormatch liquid plastic mixed with brass powder to make the finished casting.

The finished casting is lightweight and looks like real brass at a fraction of the cost of casting the piece in real brass.