Reaching for New Heights with Smooth‑Cast™ 320 Liquid Plastic

Smooth-On has been a supplier to manufacturers of sports and recreational equipment for years. An example of such products involves Indoor Rock Climbing Gyms. The 'holds' that are attached to vertical climbing walls are typically made of Smooth-Cast™ 320 liquid plastic. Besides the liquid plastic, these holds usually have SO-Strong™ Color Tint added in to achieve different colors.

In addition to color tint, many climbing hold manufacturers also add in URE-FIL™ 3 filler to Smooth-Cast™ 320 to reduce the amount of resin in each casting. This reduces the manufacturing cost because URE-FIL™ 3 is less expensive than Smooth-Cast™ resin.

Mold Max™ silicone is the preferred choice of mold rubber for making climbing holds.