SMASH! Plastic™ And Rubber Glass Take The Lead In James Bond Movie

The timing could not have been better.. The plot of “Die Another Day”, the latest James Bond called for many of the scenes to be filmed in an arctic environment. Film makers were looking for action to take place in an “ice environment” that included furniture, ice sculpture, ice accessories, etc. The problem: The scenes were not being filmed in the Arctic but at Pinewood Studios just outside London. Ice would not have a chance in the moderate UK climate. Special effects artisans were charged with the task of somehow creating the film's elaborate "ice palace" and related effects using known material technologies.

This being a James Bond film however, meant that elements would be smashed to pieces on a grand scale in the 007 tradition. Using conventional breakaway plastic products for such scenes could have posed a problem because they are difficult to work with. Needing to be heated to 350°F/176°C in order to use them, the working time on these products is short and unpredictable. In addition, the odor is horrific and handling cured pieces results in a high breakage / waste factor.

Enter SMASH! Plastic™

It was about that time that SMASH! Plastic™ breakaway glass made its way onto the special effects scene, and Bond effects artisans put it to immediate use. SMASH!™ is easy to use and cures at room temperature. It has no odor, offers a good working time and cured elements are easier to handle. Cured material looks and breaks just like glass and is used to make window panes, bottles & other glass/ice effects. It is easily color tinted or pigmented with SO-Strong™ tints. In total, over six tons of SMASH! were used to create the smashing ice effects for this Bond film, including a record-breaking scene where 007 drives his Aston-Martin Vanquish through the huge ice palace doors. What’s Next? SMASH!™ was used (or is being used) for such films as “Tomorrow Is Another Day” (Canada), “X-Men II” and “Harry Potter III “ (U.K.), “Terminator III” (Hollywood) and “Barkari Bakash” (India). Broadway shows using SMASH!™ for each performance include “Stomp” and “The Goat”.

Finishing The Effect With Rubber Glass

Over 1.5 tons of Rubber Glas s were used in “Die Another Day”. Any time you see an actor in proximity to glass, it is in fact Rubber Glass that is being used to create the effect. Rubber Glass was first used in the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” series and has been used in films like “Godzilla”, “The Matrix”, “Spider Man” and in commercials for Coke and Budweiser Beer. Mix two liquids in equal amounts and let cure to a soft, water clear rubber. It is then easy to crumble and use for any glass or ice effect.