Toronto Fans Go Wild for Hockey Character Costumes by David Pea

When the Toronto Maple Leafs NHL hockey team needed eye-catching costumes for their 3 new mascots, they needed only to look in the backyard. David Pea's Universal Designs is located in the outskirts of Toronto, Canada. As David and his crew have been creating premium quality custom costumes for years.

Originally David used fabric and latex for his creations, but as he began incorporating Smooth-On silicones into his work process, he found that he could create a costume with the look of fabric in a fraction of the time. Universal Designs specializes in both all-silicone promotional costumes and costumes made using silicone, fabric, foam, leather, resin, or any combination of materials.

As an ardent Toronto Maple Leafs fan, David was honored to work on this very special, and highly visible project. Everyone attending a Maple Leafs home game will be able to interact with GARTH SKADOR, CAPTAIN MAPLE LEAF, and ELVIS PRESLEAF.