How To Cast Concrete Stone Veneer Using VytaFlex™ Mold Rubber


Casting Concrete Will Never Be The Same! Formulated especially for casting concrete, VytaFlex™ Mold Rubbers are next generation urethanes that feature Smooth-On's V-Polymer™ Technology.

It's the V-Polymer Technology:

  • that gives VytaFlex™ rubbers superior physical & performance properties.
  • that gives concrete castings a surface finish you're going to love.
  • that gives VytaFlex™ rubbers long-term dimensional stability.
  • that gives VytaFlex™ molds the ability to render color-accurate castings every time.

"We've been cycling VytaFlex™ molds for over three years now and they show no signs of giving out at all." – Dale Groff, Lancaster Stone, Lancaster, PA

Materials Used in this Tutorial

  • SuperSeal
  • Universal Mold Release
  • VytaFlex 40
  • So-Strong Colorants
  • Drill Mixer
  • Mixing Containers

Step 1: Preparing Work Station / Dispensing, Applying and Demolding VytaFlex™ 40

Stone models are sealed with SuperSeal™ sealing agent and Universal® Mold Release then applied to all surfaces that will come in contact with the mold rubber. Measure and mix VytaFlex™ 40 mold rubber and pour slowly over model. Demold original model.

Step 2: Preparing and Casting Concrete

Pigment the mold cavity. Then cast concrete into the mold. Let the concrete set.

Step 3: Demold and Finishing

After the concrete has cured, the mold is stripped off the casting, cleaned & ready for casting again. VytaFlex® urethane rubber molds can yield hundreds of castings.