Casting a Crystal Clear™ Shell in a Mold Star™ 15 Mold


Smooth-On’s Crystal Clear™ Urethane Resin is used for thousands of industrial and art-related applications around the world, both large and small.  This sequence demonstrates making a two piece silicone mold using Mold Star 15 silicone rubber and Crystal Clear 200 to cast a perfect replica of a conch shell.

In the step-by-step gallery below, you will learn how to make a 2-part mold and casting of a conch sea shell using Smooth-On mold making and casting materials.

Smooth-On Products Featured in Step-by-Step Tutorial: 

  • Mold Star™15 platinum-cure silicone rubber
  • Ease Release™200 release agent
  • Crystal Clear™200 optically clear urethane resin
  • Ignite™ fluorescent color pigments
  • Reynold's Sculptex™ sulfur-free modeling clay