How To Make a Flexible Foam Prop Concrete Block


Preparing the Mold - Sonite Wax must be applied to the lid of the mold box. Sonite Wax prevents FlexFoam-iT from sticking to the melamine board. Mann Ease Release 2831 is applied to the Mold Max silicone mold. Using release agent extends the life of the silicone mold. Reassemble the mold box. Mold straps must be used to prevent blowout.

Casting FlexFoam-iT! X Expanding Urethane Foam - Dispense equal parts A & B. SO-Strong color tints are added. Black, White & Green tints are added to Part B. Part B is premixed with the tint. Premixing ensures uniform color distribution. Part A is added and mixed thoroughly. The foam is poured into the vent holes. FlexFoam-iT! X expands 6x in volume. Excess foam will rise through vent holes. Allow FlexFoam-iT! X to cure for 2 hours. Trim away excess foam. Disassemble the mold box. Carefully peel back the mold rubber. Slowly remove the foam block. Trim excess flashing with a razor knife. Baby Powder is sprinkled on the surface. This enhances the chalky look of the block. The finished FlexFoam-iT! block is flexible and very durable.