Making a DIY HEPA Respirator Using TASK™ 8 Urethane Resin


In this DIY tutorial video, Milo shows how to create a 'gang mold' using Ecoflex™ 00-35 silicone to cast multiple TASK™ 8 resin respirators. The result are multiple respirators which are durable and long lasting. TASK™ 8 is a high-temp resin which can be cleaned using an autoclave.

A mold is made of 3D printed respiratore using Ecoflex 00-35 fast setting silicone. Ecoflex 00-35 is an extremely soft and stretchable silicone rubber. After demolding, TASK 8 liquid plastic resin is poured into the mold. TASK 8 has a higher heat resistance than other urethane resins, making it suitable to be disinfected at temperatures up to 265°F.

A gasket of Ecoflex 00-35 silicone is poured into a 3D printed mold. The gasket is adhered to the resin respirator using Sil-Poxy silicone adhesive to create a proper seal onto the face. Straps are created using a rubber band or other elastic band. These are attached to the respirator.

A piece of HEPA fabric is inserted into the front of the respirator to complete the respirator.