How to Make a Squish Mold for Thin‑Walled Resin Casting


In this instructional how to video, mold making technician Milo showcases the "squish mold" technique, which is very common for making thin-walled castings such as casings and enclosures, or in this case a model car body.

He then makes an attractive bronze metallic casting from this mold using high-performance TASK 4 urethane plastic. TASK 4 is the perfect choice for a thin-walled craft casting like this, as it remains strong even at less than 1mm thickness.

Materials Used in this Tutorial

  • SORTA-Clear 37
  • TASK 4
  • Ease Release 205
  • Sulfur-free Modeling Clay
  • Acorn Nut and Bolt (key tool)
  • Vacuum Chamber
  • Gram Scale