How To Make a Silicone Block Mold Using Mold Star™ 15


This instructional mold making tutorial video shows how to make a silicone block mold for casting resin, wax, foam, and many other materials using Smooth-On Mold Star™ 15 platinum silicone mold rubber.

Step 1. Use hot glue to secure the model.

Step 2. Glue the mold box to the base.

Step 3. Dispense equal amounts Parts A & B into mixing container.

Step 4. Mix Parts A & B as directed.

Step 5. Slowly pour into one corner of the mold box. Pour 1/2 inch (1.25cm) over model's high point.

Step 6. Allow Mold Star 15 to cure.

Step 7. Carefully remove the mold box.

Step 8. Slowly peel back the cured rubber. Mold Star™ 15 reflects perfect detail.

Mold Star™ 15 is an easy to use Shore 15A platinum silicone that is mixed 1A:1B by volume (no weighing scale necessary). It features a relatively low viscosity and vacuum degassing is not required for most applications. Pot life is an extra-long 65 minutes. Mold Star® 15 cures overnight to a soft, strong rubber that is tear resistant and exhibits very low long term shrinkage.