Making a Quick Silicone Wound Prosthetic


Dragon Skin® FX-Pro® is a soft, stable, high performance platinum silicone rubber specifically designed for creating silicone makeup appliances and fake skin effects. 

What Makes Dragon Skin® FX-Pro® Unique?

In this demonstration, a fake wound resin mold is made using Smooth Cast® 300 liquid plastic. Dragon Skin® FX-Pro® silicone is pigmented and mixed, then poured into the plastic flat mold.  The piece is then applied to the skin using Skin Tite® silicone adhesive. Perfect for homemade Halloween costumes, theatrical stage makeup, and even Hollywood special effects.

The process is quick, under 1 hour from beginning to end.  Application and clean up are very easy and the results can be extremely realistic fake scars and wounds.

Materials Used in this Tutorial

Step 1: Sculpting the Wound