How To Make a Reusable DIY Silicone Respirator Using Mold Star 20T Silicone Rubber


In this how to tutorial video, we show how you can create a silicone respirator using Mold Star™ 20T skin safe silicone.

3D print file can be found here:

A list of skin safe materials can be found here:

Milo creates a ‘squeeze mold’ which compresses the silicone rubber in a very narrow cavity. The ‘squeeze mold’ is created by claying up the 3D printed model, then pouring Smooth-Cast 65D to create the first half of the rigid mold. After the first half of the rigid ‘squeeze mold’ is cured, the clay is removed, Ease Release 200 release agent is applied, and the second half is poured. #ppe #diy #covid-19 After the rigid mold is cured, the 2 halves are separated, and the model is removed.

Mold Star™ 20T silicone is pigmented with Silc-Pig Electric Blue and poured into the mold. After the Mold Star cures, the 2 halves are separated, and the cast silicone piece is removed. Separate molds for the filter housing are made using Mold Star 20T, and Smooth-Cast 65D is poured to create a rigid filter housing. A piece of a HEPA vacuum cleaner bag is used as the filter media in the filter assembly. The mask is finished with a rubber band which is used as a strap.