Seamless Silicone Glove Mold ‑ Making Things with Milo


The challenge: Make a seamless mold of a sculpted hand with same-day turnaround for castings. Milo has the solution. Dragon Skin 10 VERY FAST platinum silicone is used to make a "glove mold" stretchy and durable enough to be turned inside out leaving castings without a seam that would otherwise need to be cleaned up in post-processing. Smooth-Cast 300 and URE-FIL 11 are used to make a quick yet strong support shell. FlexFoam-iT! X is used as a collapsible plug inside the palm portion of the sculpture to provide support without getting mechanical lock. A hand rotational casting with Smooth-Cast 57D is done the same day meeting the project deadline for the casting to be painted and installed.