How To Secure a Granite Countertop Using Free Form™ Habitat™ Flex FR Epoxy Putty


In this how-to tutorial video, we show how you can permanently secure a granite countertop using Free Form™ Habitat™ FLEX FR epoxy putty.

Project details: An outdoor granite countertop became loose and was no longer bonded to the concrete substrate. Free Form™ Habitat™ FLEX FR was used to secure the countertop back in place permanently. Equal amounts of Free Form™ Habitat™ FLEX FR epoxy putty Part A and Part B are dispensed and mixed to a uniform color. After mixing, the putty is spread onto the concrete which supports the countertop. The countertop is replaced, and weights are used to hold the countertop in place while the epoxy putty cures. After an overnight cure, the countertop is ready to be used and enjoyed for years to come.