Smooth-On has manufactured adhesives since 1895 and currently offers epoxy, urethane and silicone adhesives for hundreds of bonding and repair applications.

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Epoxy Adhesives

High Performance Bonding Materials

 MT-13™ Premium Epoxy Adhesive + Compare
 Metal‌set™ A4 High performance epoxy adhesive + Compare
 Super Instant™ Rapid Adhesive + Compare
 EA-40™ Epoxy Adhesive and Laminating Resin + Compare
 PC-3™ Laboratory Tabletop Epoxy Adhesive + Compare

Urethane Adhesives

Premium Performance Adhesive Compounds

 URE-BOND™ II Flexible Urethane Adhesive + Compare
 URE-BOND™ 90 Urethane Adhesive + Compare
 Black Panther™ 85 Flexible Black Repair Adhesive + Compare

Silicone Adhesives

One and Two-Component Adhesives

 Sil-Poxy™ Silicone Adhesive + Compare
 Si-Tac™ Activewear / Sportswear Silicone Adhesive + Compare