Cryptolyte™ *NOTE: Product Packaging May Vary

Cryptolyte™ is a translucent liquid additive that causes cured Smooth-On silicone rubbers, urethane rubbers, plastics or foams to glow a bright blue under a focused ultra violet light source (blacklight). You will not see the glow effect without an UV light source.

When mixed at low percentages it will not affect clarity or color of material. For example, Cryptolyte™ can be added to Crystal Clear™ water clear resins and the glow effect will not be evident until the casting is illuminated by a UV light source.



How Much To Add? - To get you started, we offer the following loading level recommendation. Results may vary.

By Weight Using A Gram Scale: 1 part for every 100 parts of mixed material (A+B).

By Volume Measured In Drops: Add 5 drops of Cryptolyte™ per 3 oz (88 ml) of mixed silicone or urethane material (A+B).

Important: Best “glow” effect is realized when Cryptolyte™ is added to clear (i.e. Sorta Clear™ silicone or Clear Flex™ urethane rubber) or translucent materials (i.e. Smooth-Cast™ 325 resin).

Applications Include - special effects, Halloween mask and prop making, theme displays and security (you can make parts that are virtually undetectable in normal light but glow under UV black lighting).

Warning: This product is flammable. Exercise extreme caution and follow safety protocol for handling flammable liquids. Refer to MSDS for further safety information.

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