Colorants, Paints & Fillers

Different types of colorants made especially for urethanes, epoxies and silicones let the user color any creation. Industrial-grade paints for scenic design. Fillers that are often added to casting resins to change the properties of the plastic, lower the weight or achieve a variety of finishes including metal, stone, porcelain, marble, wood, etc.

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Color Tints for Urethane

 SO-Strong™ Colorants for Urethane Rubber, Resin and Foam + Compare


UV-Resistant Pigments for Urethane and Epoxy

 UVO™ UV Resistant Colorants for Epoxy and Urethane. + Compare


Fluorescent Color Pigments

 Ignite™ Fluorescent Colorants For Liquid Rubber, Plastic and Foam + Compare

Silc Pig™

Concentrated and Fluorescent Color Pigments for Silicone

 Silc Pig™ Colorants for Silicone + Compare
 Silc Pig™ Electric Fluorescent Pigments for Silicone Rubber and Foam + Compare

Maker Pro Paint™

High Performance Paint System

 Maker Pro Paint™ High Performance Paint System + Compare
 Maker Pro Paint™ Fluorescent High Performance Fluorescent Paint System + Compare
 Maker Pro Paint™ Metallics High Performance Metallic Paint System + Compare
 Maker Pro Paint™ Adhesion Promoter Used to tenaciously bond Maker Pro Paints™ to various rigid substrates + Compare
 Maker Pro Paint™ FLEX Additive Used to make Maker Pro Paints™ more elastic and bond to flexible or semi-rigid substrates. + Compare
 Maker Pro Paint REDUCER™ Clear, water-based diluent used for thinning Maker Pro Paints™ + Compare


Powder Fillers

 URE-FIL™ 3 Ceramic Filler to Reduce Cost of Casting + Compare
 URE-FIL™ 5 Filler for Creating a Wood-Grain Effect + Compare
 URE-FIL™ 7 Urethane Filler for Dimensional Stability + Compare
 URE-FIL™ 9 Fumed-Silica Based Thickening Agent + Compare
 URE-FIL™ 11 Fiber Filler for Urethane and Silicone + Compare
 URE-FIL™ 13 Poly-Blend Filler for Urethane + Compare
 URE-FIL™ 15 Micro-Balloons to Reduce Casting Weight + Compare
 URE-FIL™ 17 Aluminum Pellet Filler (400 micron) + Compare
 URE-FIL™ 19 Aluminum Pellet Filler (1200 micron) + Compare

Cast Magic™ Powders

Create Amazing Casting Effects

 Cast Magic™ Create Amazing Casting Effects + Compare

Metal Powder

For Real Metal Cold Castings

 Aluminum Metal Powder Aluminum powder for metal cold casting effects + Compare
 Brass Metal Powder Brass powder for metal cold casting effects + Compare
 Bronze Metal Powder Bronze powder for metal cold casting effects + Compare
 Copper Metal Powder Copper powder for metal cold casting effects + Compare
 Nickel Silver Metal Powder Nickel silver powder for metal cold casting effects + Compare

Quarry Tone™

Granite FX Fillers

 Quarry Tone™ Granite FX Fillers + Compare

Glow Worm™

Glow-In-The-Dark Powders

 Glow Worm™ Long Lasting Glow-in-the-Dark Powder + Compare


UV Glow Additive

 Cryptolyte™ UV Glow Additive for Urethanes and Silicones + Compare