Matrix™ Retarder

Matrix™ Retarder *NOTE: Product Packaging May Vary

Extend the working time of duoMatrix™ NEO by adding a very small amount of duoMatrix™ NEO Retarder to the mix.



You can extend the working time of NEO by adding a very small amount of Matrix™ Retarder to the mix.

Step 1: Add 5 g of Matrix™ Retarder to 240 g of room temperature water to create a solution. Mix until powder is fully dissolved. This can be stored for future use. Retarder solution must be pre-mixed before using after storage.

Step 2: Mix Part A and B together until powder is fully integrated, about 1 min.

Step 3: Add Retarder solution while mixing.

Step 4: Continue to drill mix for another 30 seconds. Important: Excessive mixing can shorten the pot life.

Part A Powder Part B Liquid Matrix™ Retarder (% of Part B by weight) Pot Life Demold Time
200 100 8 Parts (8% of Part B by weight) 55 min. 120 min.
200 100 10 Parts (10% of Part B by weight) 75 min. 150 min.

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